Carpet Cleaning Wilsonville OR

carpet cleaning Wilsonville OR

Expert Carpet Cleaners, Hardwood Floors, Tile & Grout Cleaning in Wilsonville

Nicholas Carpet Care offers the highest-rated carpet cleaning in Wilsonville OR. We give special attention to each client to make sure your cleaning service is a positive one and tailor our services to your specific residential or business cleaning needs.

We offer a variety of services from carpet repair in Wilsonville OR to upholstery, hardwood floor, and tile and grout cleaning in Wilsonville OR. We choose only the best products for your home, and you can rest assured that we never skimp on low-cost products or quality when it comes to our cleaning services.

Wilsonville Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Repair Services

Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in many different types of carpet repair in Wilsonville OR. One of those is carpet re-stretch. There are many different scenarios that can cause carpets to stretch and form ripples, which can become a safety hazard. We can repair those ripples to make your carpet safer and look better in your home or business. We also offer expertise in carpet section repairs and seam repairs.

Our expert term also offers upholstery cleaning in Wilsonville OR. Cleaning your upholstery will extend the life of your investment by keeping stains and spills from becoming permanent. It can also protect your family’s health by removing the indoor air pollutants that can become trapped in your carpet and upholstery including pet dander, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. We use the best equipment and materials possible to eliminate these pollutants and dust mites and utilize a steam cleaning or hot water extraction process to do so.

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When it comes to hardwood floor cleaning in Wilsonville, OR we’re simply the best! We use state-of-the-art wood floor cleaning equipment to loosen and extract dirt that has built up on your wood

floors, making them appear dingy. Using our specialized equipment and cleaning solution, you will see a dramatic difference in the appearance and shine of your hardwood. Our equipment has squeegees that trap the dirt and a powerful vacuum that will extract dirt, grime, and grease. We will then remove all cleaners and return your floors to a PH level that is neutral to give them the best shine available. We will lastly add a protective last layer of coating to leave your floors shiny and vibrant. Nicholas Carpet Care recommends wood floor rejuvenation be scheduled every 6 months to 1 year.carpet repair Wilsonville ORNicolas Carpet Care also provides tile & group cleaning in Wilsonville OR. We know cleaning tile & grout can be very labor-intensive and downright hard. Entrust our experienced team to help! Our cleaning techniques restore your tile and grout,

making them look new again. We have floor and tile cleaners that are specially made for tile and grout cleaning and are designed to get deep down in the porous material and remove trapped dirt. After cleaning, we will place a clear seal protector to keep your grout lines looking great.

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We are proud to serve the Wilsonville OR community. The city serves as a gateway to the Portland metro area to the north and the agricultural lands of the Willamette Valley as well. The city is home to three beautiful water features designed by the late world-renowned landscape architect Bob Murase which includes an interactive water feature at Murase Plaza and Town Center Park.

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