Upholstery Cleaning

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Cleaning your upholstery can most definitely improve the appearance of your home and your furniture. It will also extend the life of your investment by keeping stains and spills from becoming permanent. But the most important reason for cleaning your upholstery is your family’s health.

The American Lung Association states that if members of your home suffer from conditions that can affect their breathing such as snoring or asthma it is of utmost importance that you clean and vacuum your upholstery regularly. Your household will benefit from professional cleaning at least once a year.

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that carpet and upholstery trap and retain several sources of indoor air pollutants including pet danger, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust.

Toxins can be released into the air and cause havoc on our respiratory abilities. Nicholas Carpet Care and our equipment can help you! Our state of the art equipment kills the bacteria through special products that can remove deeply imbedded and trapped pollutants with our high powered equipment and vacuums.


Nicholas Carpet Care uses the best equipment and materials possible to eliminate dust mites, allergens and indoor air pollutants.

Nicholas Carpet Care uses a cleaning known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction. We use high temperature combined with high powered vacuum this combination assures dust mites and allergens cannot survive

Before we clean your upholstery we will complete a thorough evaluation of your furniture to assure the best possible cleaning agents and the correct cleaning method for your upholstery.

Our hot water extraction technique adds hot water to your upholstery along with the best materials possible to rid your upholstery of dust, mites and other unwanted allergens.

Nicholas Carpet Care also offers dry extraction of your upholstery. With this process dust will be extracted out of your upholstery using our extremely high powered vacuum with truck mounted equipment! You will be amazed of the results!


As always there are steps you can take at home to maintain your upholstery. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in preserving the beauty of your upholstery and investment. It will increase your upholstery’s longevity and keep your furniture looking beautiful and new.

Be sure to vacuum your upholstery regularly. Nicholas Carpet Care recommends you dust and clean your upholstery on a weekly basis. The best attachment to use is the brush attachment. It will easily get into the corners and folds of your upholstery.

Only use manufactured suggested cleaners. Each piece of furniture has a care label that will give you instructions for the recommended cleaners for your individual piece. Be aware that over the counter cleaners not recommended as they contain chemicals that can set a stain or even worse; attract more dirt from the remaining chemicals left behind.

If the recommended cleaners are not successful in removing a stain do not go any further, call a professional to remove the stain as anything else you do may permanently set the stain.

Tend to spills and spots immediately. If you treat the accident before the stain seep into the pad you will have much more success at removing the stain.

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