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Cleaning tile floors is extremely labor intensive and downright hard! It can be very time consuming, messy, and uncomfortable. Sadly after all that work and time is spent the tile and grout on your floors can still look dingy and dull. It is merely impossible to get a deep clean on your tile and grout that compares to a professional tile and grout cleaning.

Grout is a very porous material and it easily collects grime, spills an dirt causing the grout itself to discolor and stain. Mopping and spot cleaning can’t come close to reaching the hidden dirt that is trapped in the pours of your grout lines.

Let us help! Our cleaning techniques restore your tile and grout making them look new again. We have floor and tile cleaners that are specially made for tile and grout cleaning. Our cleaners are designed to get deep down in the porous material and remove the dirt that is trapped.

We first inspect your tile and grout to determine the best possible treatment and best possible cleaning agent for the job.

We then unleash our tile cleaning equipment used with hot water extraction technology with high pressure vacuum to loosen and emulsify dirt and grime deep with- in the pores of your grout.


After Nicholas Carpet Care cleans your tile and grout we place a clear seal protector to keep your grout lines looking great.

Our seal protector penetrates the grout lines to create a protective coating against spills and other stains that might otherwise damage your grout. This barrier helps the grout lines to resist any damaging materials that may harm or discolor your grout lines. It also helps to ensure that all subsequent tile and grout cleanings will have the best possible chance to receive the best possible results in protecting and cleaning your grout.

Once damage to your grout is done by permanent staining to the grout even the very best cleaning methods can’t reverse the discoloration in your grout lines. We can however use a color sealant that will help restore a uniform color and provide waterproof seal to protect your grout lines from future damage.

The cleaning process takes only about 1 hour to complete per area. Depending on size and amount of soil in the grout lines. If you choose sealant the recommended time to walk on the tile will be 2 -3 hours.


Nicholas Carpet Care recommends you always avoid harsh cleaning chemicals that will break down sealants.

Ask us about our tile and grout cleaner that will help with the long lasting beauty and preserve the life of your tile and grout.

We recommend that you sweep and mop your floors regularly to eliminate the dry soil that will build up and damage your hard floor surfaces. Dry soil is a culprit in damaging most any floor surface. It will scratch, damage and tarnish your floors leaving them dull and dingy. Sometimes this damage is done without the ability of complete repair or correction to the floor surface.

Always rinse after you mop to maintain a neutral ph balance to assure that dirt does not attract to your cleaners.

As always if you have any questions regarding your tile and grout cleaning please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to help beautify all of your flooring surfaces.

We recommend you clean your tile and grout every 6 months to a year depending on foot traffic and soil load.

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