Pet Urine Damage

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Unfortunately pet urine can cause permanent damage to your carpets and upholstery. To explain how this happens we must first explain the chemical make- up of urine. Fresh urine has a pH level of 5 or 6, this means when your pet first has an accident on the floor it is at this stage that it is easiest to remove. Once the urine has dried it turns to a level 10-12 pH and becomes difficult to remove and can be resistant to removal procedures. Fresh urine is an oasis for bacteria. If this bacteria is left untreated will continue to multiply so the once small area of urine can and will “grow” if left untreated. Once the urine begins to oxidize and react with your carpet it will create a color change and can become permanent if the urine is not removed while still wet. The color change is due to the ammonia that the urine creates and the change in the chemical composition as it begins to dry. If it dries and is left untreated it will change the dyes in carpet and furniture causing permanent damage.


Two kinds of odors are detectable in urine damaged caused by pets. The first is bacteria and the next is chemical. Bacteria will grow quickly and swiftly in dark areas thus once a pet urinates on the floor it seeps into the pad and subfloor which bacteria grows and thrives in dark warm places. The bacteria can create amino acids. The odor you smell is from the decomposing urine. Once dried the liquid evaporates and the urine crystals become concentrated and once it is gets wet again it emits an ammonia gas. A professional cleaning without chemicals to counter react the odor will not remove the smell and it may possibly exasperate the odor. Often after you have your carpets cleaned by a professional you will smell the odors caused by urine damage as they become more noticeable from the moisture. The other source of odors from urine damage is chemical. When the urine dries it can leave a uric salt behind that uric salt holds in moisture that continues to emit the odor caused by urine. Eventually it will make its way to the subfloor below the carpet because urine and its deposits “grow” causing long term extenuating damage to your carpet. Because the bacterial and chemical composition of urine and its growth it is likely when an animal has an accident its odors can be smelled from the subfloor, tack strip, or framework of the home.

How Nicholas Carpet Care
Can Help

We know how frustrating pet odors caused by pet urine can be. We have top of the line equipment and our process will leave you feeling relieved that the carpet, pad and subfloor are free of urine contaminate.

Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in URINE REMOVAL. We save our clients thousands of dollars in the cost of replacement. Our process is called “Urine Remediation” Nicholas Carpet Care will first evaluate your carpeted areas that have been affected by urine and determine the best procedure to ERADICATE the urine.

Nicholas Carpet Care will discuss all aspects of the urine damage such as cost of replacement vs treatment. We will also determine if your carpet is of good “health”. After determining that your carpet is in good health and is a candidate for “remediation” Nicholas Carpet Care will use a procedure that will leave you with the peace of mind that your carpet is free from odors and the urine.

Urine Decontamination is a passion of Nicholas Carpet Care. We are pet owners ourselves and we have made it a goal to restore the peace between our furry friends and their owners by providing the best treatment possible.

We look forward to serving you and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding our services. Our main priority is to educate our clients.

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