Hardwood Floor Cleaning

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Hardwood Floors add beauty warmth and elegance to your home. After time just like carpets Hardwood Floors become dull and dingy from the result of deeply embedded dirt, grime, and dust.

Nicholas Carpet Care uses State of the Art wood floor cleaning equipment to loosen and extract the dirt that has build up on your wood floors making them appear dingy. Using our specialty equipment and our cleaning solution formulated specially for deep down cleaning of your hardwoods you will see a dramatic difference in the appearance of your hard woods.

Because we use a specialty cleaning process along with our State of the Art Equipment this is not a process you are able to do on your own. Cleaning techniques completed on your own will merely push dirt around redistributing dirt into cracks and crevices and bevels in your wood floors. Our equipment is gentle on your floors but extremely aggressive on your dirt. We provide an unbeatable process that will leave your floors looking gorgeous and clean.

Our equipment has squeegees that trap the dirt and a powerful vacuum will extract the dirt, grime and grease. The second step in our cleaning process will remove all cleaners and return your floors to a PH level that is neutral to give your floors the best shine available as well as aid in keeping your wood floors cleaner longer

The entire process is low odor, non toxic and dust free!


We all know that what we really want is a beautiful shine showing off the beauty of your Hard Wood Floors. Our last step in the process of cleaning and protecting your floors is the protective last layer of coating that will leave your floors shiny and vibrant.

Our refresher top coat will add extra protection to your floors and will enhance the beauty of your floors. We highly recommend our recoating process to preserve and extend the life of your wood floors. Providing a protective barrier over your wood floor.

The protective layer will provide additional protection to the original finish by providing a barrier on your floor by helping your wood floors resist scratches and scuffs.

Our process is a fraction of the cost of Wood Floor refinishing and often modern day wood floors can only be refinished 2 times. Nicholas Carpet Care recommends Wood Floor Rejuvenation be scheduled every 6 months to 1 year.

You will not be disappointed with the results. It will leave your home looking fresh, clean, and spectacular.

Our process requires a mere 2 hour dry time for the protective coating to dry and endure foot traffic.


There are of course many things you can do at home to keep your floors looking clean new and vibrant.

Nicholas Carpet Care Recommends vacuuming and or sweeping floors regularly.

Avoid using wax, oil or soaps that are purchased over the counter. Wax and silicone based products that can be bought at the stores makes cleaning more difficult and compromises the luster and condition of your hardwood surfaces.

This will over time make it more difficult to clean your wood floor surfaces and cause dulling and damage to your wood floors.

Avoid area rugs that either have rubber backs or rugs that have poor air ventilation causing moisture to be trapped underneath.

Always remove spills and water promptly. Allowing water or spills to sit on your wood floors will cause moisture issues as well as swelling and ultimately damage your wood floors.

Avoid scratching your wood floors by removing shoes that can cause damage to your floors. Yes Ladies this means high heels.

Avoid dragging furniture across your wood floors use the help of a friend to move items around in your home.

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