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What is Filtration Soil?

Filtration Soil is a term used to describe dark, grayish lines that appear on carpet. Unfortunately this has become a common problem today because homes are much more airtight than in the past. Filtration soil is a type of soot that affixes to the edge of carpet by a magnetic bond.
You will often see the soil in dotted pattern due to the tact strip in some homes in which the soil attracts itself to the metal. However metal is not needed for the soil to bond to the carpet the soil will bond where tiny cracks are such as where the baseboard meets the carpet. Filtration Soil is likely to bond under doors, along edges of stairs and at times away from the walls where subflooring materials have been joined. When airborne contaminants are trapped by carpet fibers they magnetically bond to one another, if the soil remains on the floor this magnetic bond can cause a stain on the carpet and may be resistant to removal.
Often homeowners feel they have chosen poor quality carpet or that their professional carpet cleaner company did not reach the edges of the carpet while cleaning but in reality the filtration soil is a magnetic bond that will need to be chemically and manually treated. Depending on the severity of the filtration soil the process is labor intensive and requires special chemicals to release the soil from the carpet.

How Nicholas Carpet Care Treats Filtration Soil

Filtration soil is a complex mix of very fine even microscopic chemical particulates such as carbon, sulfur, silica soil and oils. This very fine soil strongly attaches to carpet fibers. To break these soil fiber bonds and rinse the soil away we must complete the following treatment:

We treat the soiled areas with a solution called Black Out. We allow 5 - 15 minutes dwell time to help loosen and suspend the filtration soil to the surface.

Manually scrub the affected areas with a nylon brush to release the deeper imbedded filtration soil particles from the carpet fibers.

With high powered truck mounted hot water extraction equipment, we thoroughly rinse and extract cleaners and filtration soil using crevice tools and hot water extraction. Some areas may require additional rinsing and extraction passes to assure that the majority of the filtration soil is extracted and removed.

Steps to Prevent Filtration Soil

Air in the home plays an important part in avoiding filtration soiling. To facilitate maximum results:

Change your air vent filters once a year at the very least

Reduce pollutants in your home such as smoke from cigarettes and also allow proper ventilation while cooking

Vacuuming at least twice a week using a crevice tool on the edges of your carpets will reduce Soil Filtration dramatically.

Have your carpet cleaned professionally at least 2 times a year and have carpet protection applied to help defend against the attaching of dust and contaminants to your carpeting.

Use these practices and you’re well on your way to preventing permanent damage and stains caused by Filtration Soil.

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