Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Nicholas Carpet Care provides you with only the most current up to date cleaning services and techniques. Our philosophy will add great value to your business by providing you with healthy, clean and fresh carpet for you and you customers to walk on.

Because not all commercial carpets have the same needs Nicholas Carpet Care offers you two methods of cleaning your commercial carpets.

First we will evaluate your carpets and the building for any requirements and restrictions for your specific location. Nicholas Carpet Care will then select the best possible solution for your carpet cleaning needs. Each of our methods have a unique benefits to their capabilities and you can rest assure we will pick the right method for your company’s individual needs.

Encapsulation has recently become revolutionized in the commercial arena. It offers low moisture cleaning that is used with a rotary machine and cylindrical brushes. As the carpets are cleaned the soil that is trapped on each fiber is encapsulated into the solution and released from the carpet. Once the carpet is dried the encapsulated soil is extracted from the carpet during post vacuuming. Encapsulation is quickly becoming the most sought after method for maintaining commercial carpets today. Encapsulation is a low moisture process that eliminates wicking and puts an end to those re-occurring spills and stains. During an encapsulation maintenance program your commercial carpets will stay clean longer. Because encapsulation does not use hoses and it is not necessary to hook up to a water source it is safe and secure as there is no need for doors to remain open during the cleaning process. Nicholas Carpet Care highly recommends Encapsulation for all of our commercial accounts.

Approximately once a year hot water extraction can be a benefit to commercial carpet cleaning. We recommend hot water extraction is completed as needed. Nicholas Carpet Care recommends supplementing encapsulation with hot water extraction when carpets become resistant to encapsulation. When hot water extraction is needed on commercial carpets we use the most effective high powered truck mounted hot water extraction equipment available. Our products penetrate to the deepest parts of the carpet fiber to get the very best results possible with every cleaning. Our methods break down dirt especially in high traffic areas which provides easier extraction for hard to remove dirt particles like oil and grease.

We are confident that our methods will prove to you the client the best possible solution for your commercial carpets needs.

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