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Nicholas Carpet Care has been an expert in color damage repair for 21 years. We receive call upon call regarding color damage to carpet.

Permanent stains are stains that will not come out of your carpets will normal professional carpet cleaning. These stains typically have color added to the fibers. Such as wine, Kool Aid, rust, ink furniture stains, urine stains, coffee stains etc.

We have removed many unsightly color added stains from the carpets of our clients. Because of our expertise most stains are easily removed and tended to immediately. Our jobs have ranged from extremely extensive stain damage to merely a glass of wine or Kool Aid.

We are so certain that you will be satisfied with our stain removal service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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Bleach is very damaging to your carpets. We see the most of this damage done once a spill has occurred the tendency to clean up the spill with cleaners can be a great problem since many of those cleaners often have bleach in them that takes color out of the fibers of the carpets. Not only is the color removed but carpet fibres endure bleach damage that breaks down and compromises the integrity of the fibres.

Once color is removed from the fibres of the carpet there is only one way to repair the color and that is to ADD color. Adding color can be very difficult since bleach does not damage consistently. Bleach damages at different rates in different areas based on concentration. An exact match of color can be difficult to accomplish.

Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in Bleach and Color Repair of your carpets and we would be happy to help you with your carpet concerns.

We suggest you always use our Free Lifetime Spotter when a spill occurs. If you are unable to get the spill out with our free spotter give us a call so we can come out and evaluate your carpets and assess what we can do to correct the areas of concern.


First and foremost when a spill occurs, only use the free spotter that we provide to you with a lifetime refill.

Do not use any over the counter carpet cleaning solutions. Unfortunately these products have great marketing exposure but they will leave residue and attract soil. The chemicals found in the over the counter cleaners can also permanently set a stain that might otherwise easily be removed by a professional.

When a spill occurs use water to dab up the extra liquid. Blot the spot and then use the spotter provided.

If the stain does not come out with these steps Call Nicholas Carpet Care!

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