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Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in many different carpet repairs. One of those we specialize in is Carpet Re-Stretch. There are many different scenarios that cause carpets to stretch and form ripples in the carpets. These ripples can be a safety hazard and therefore should be attended to as quickly as possible.

One of the reasons for needing carpet re-stretching is caused by poor carpet installation. When carpets are loosely installed they can easily stretch away from the anchors and cause ripples.

Heavy Furniture moved across the carpets even on a securely fastened carpet will cause stretching and pulling at your carpets. Causing them to lose their elasticity and pull away from the tac strips.

The ripples that form are not just unsightly they are a tripping hazard and if the concern is left alone unfortunately it will only get worse. These areas that are rippled will wear differently than the rest of the carpet and will also attract dirt dust and grime differently than the rest of the carpet.

Nicholas Carpet Care has been re-stretching carpets for 21 years. Give us a call to schedule your free evaluation of your carpets.


Nicholas Carpet Care has expertise in section repairs. For us a section repair is a last resort step. There are many reasons that a carpet will have to endure a section repair.

The affected area that can't be fixed any other way will need to be cut out of the carpet. This can be completed in a variety of sizes but the smaller the size needing repair the better.

Nicholas Carpet Care cuts out the affected area and then generally uses a left over remnant from an extra piece of carpet or a piece of carpet cut from the closet or other area that is hidden.

The old damaged area is removed and the new remnant is replaced by gluing the piece to the backing of the original carpet.

This process is very quick and efficient but for a short period of time may appear different than the rest of the carpets since the area being replaced is essentially new carpet that has not been worn at the same rate as the replacement area.

Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in Section Repairs and we would be happy to evaluate the areas needing attention to determine the best solution for your repair needs.


Nicholas Carpet Care is often called out on jobs that involve seams separating.

When carpet is installed it is pieced together from several different pieces. Installers use what is called seam tape to attach the many different pieces in the room to appear as one large whole piece. There are a many ways these seams become disengaged and will need carpet seam repairs made.

Wear and tear is the most common reason that a seam becomes damaged. Over time the glue that holds the seam together will have a good chance of breaking down with traffic. When this starts to happen you will see a separation between the carpet fibres causing the seam line to appear.

Seams can be damaged if a flood happens or if carpets are being over wet due to poor cleaning techniques. The seam and glue will break down causing it to need repair.

Animals can cause seam damage when they decide to consistently claw or paw at a doorway or fixate on an area that they like to play with.

Regardless of the reason Nicholas Carpet Care specializes in seam repair. Please call for an evaluation of your seam repair needs.

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